110804 Super Junior MrSimple Press Conference Q/A

  • Q1: Can you tell us how you feel after watching the music video for “Mr. Simple” for the first time?
  • Heechul: I think the members of our group look great in it.
  • Lee Teuk: I’m expecting the music video will receive over one million views on YouTube.
  • Q2: Can you tell us what it was like shooting the music video for “Mr. Simple?”
  • Lee Teuk: There is this superstition that if the stage breaks down the album will become a hit. On the second day of shooting the video, the main white stage collapsed so we postponed the shoot to the next day. It feels like it’s going to be a hit.
  • Sungmin: I kind of hurt my hip during the first day of shooting the video and since the shoot was delayed I was able to recover a bit. The music video turned out great.
  • Shindong: My teaser photo was revealed while we were shooting the music video. Many people were saying that I lost weight so I asked them to photoshop my picture a bit, telling them I will lose more weight since I am dieting right now. I lost about three kilograms after I weighed myself after shooting the music video for three days. My goal is to lose at least 30 kilograms and so far I have achieved half of that.
  • Q3: What is your favorite memory as being a member of Super Junior?
  • Lee Teuk: I have so many but personally I liked it when I was trainee because I was really anxious and excited to make my debut.
  • Siwon: That was when Kyuhyun wasn’t part of the group. (laugh)
  • Eunhyuk: My favorite memory is Kyuhyun joining Super Junior.
  • Siwon: Mine was when Kyuhyun was born.
  • Kyuhyun: I would have to say my favorite moment is right now.
  • Shindong: We play lots of games amongst ourselves like betting who is going to pay for dinner. Once we went out to eat prime Korean beef and Kyuhyun had to pay for the whole meal even when he came late and only ate two slices.
  • Sungmin: I was worrying about what memorable moment to talk about when you asked that question but just thinking about which memory is memorable enough.
  • Yesung: I’m just really glad that Sungmin is talking a lot.

Credit: Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia | via sujudom.tumblr.com
Posted by: gppblue (bfeindo.wordpress.com)


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