♥ Nickname :  “Sky” or “Mami”

♥ Yesung’s bias~ She is very love Yesung than anyone else. Unpredictable girl, little weird like Yesung, active, and competence.

♥ But, she is little misterious. You can’t escape from her if u catch by her.

♥ She lives in Medan. 19 y.o. Love Super Junior,  love Red, and only for Yesung!

♥ She is Owner of BFI Group~

♥ FB Account : Kim Sky Kyu & Shim Nana

♥ Twitter Account : @shimn7


♥ Nickname : Call her “Ririn” or “Rin”

♥ Calm girl who love Super Junior and Boyfriend. Bias Kyuhyun & Youngmin.

♥ Like to listening music, online, and write fanfiction. Very love red colour~

♥ 19 y.o on 21 February 2012

♥ Very love cat & like japanese! Very love ANIME especially Vampire Knight, BLEACH, Naruto, Detective Conan, Gundam, etc.

♥ Leader of subpages Big Family of Sparkyu Indonesia and admin on Big Family of ELF Indonesia. Active on blog, fb, and twitter.

♥ FB : Azk Ririn Kiseki , Shin Rinrin Kyuhyun ,  Rinrin Elfvip-EvilKyuTeuk Kiseki

♥ Twitter : @RirinCross

♥ Blog Account : http://ririncross.blogspot.com/http://ririncrosslovesuju.wordpress.com/, & http://myloveboyfriend.wordpress.com/

♥ Tumblr Account :  http://www.tumblr.com/blog/ririncross & http://www.tumblr.com/blog/rinkyuyoungmin

♥ Fanfiction Account :   http://www.fanfiction.net/~ririncross

♥ Visualisasi Ulzzang : Park Hyo Jin











♥ Nickname : Shinta

♥ She is like to watching a movie, listening music, likes a challenge, online.

♥ She is active girls who love Super Junior and EXO. Bias LeeTeuk, Yesung & Sehun, Luhan, Lay

♥ Favorite color is gray, white, black

♥ 18 y.o on 07 October 2012

♥ Leader of subpages Big Family of Clouds Indonesia

♥ FB : Shiinta Desirer Heureux

♥ Twitter : @ThaThull

♥ Weibo : Shiinta





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